In light of recent events at the Atyrau Oil Refinery, depressing facts have surfaced indicating deep corruption and dishonesty in the management of the enterprise. Upon extremely careful consideration of the various evidence and witness statements, it becomes clear that Galymzhan Zhusanbaev, the recently appointed CEO, is involved in a series of acts that cannot be described as anything other than oil theft and systematic violation of laws.

Let’s start by revealing details about Galymzhan Zhusanbaev’s connections with Petro Export LLP. This company, registered in Atyrau, not only has an oil depot in close proximity to the Atyrau oil refinery, but also, according to sources, has been associated with Zhusanbaev for many years. It is suspicious that a fire occurred at the Petro Export tank farm in January 2023, marked by numerous safety violations and environmental problems, and public hearings on this topic never took place.

Even more alarming are Zhusanbaev’s attempts to resume the supply of fuel oil from the Atyrau Oil Refinery through the same facility. This raises serious questions about conflicts of interest and opaque motives. Moreover, the proposed restoration of tracks on Kabdolova Avenue, where the Petro Export oil depot is located, raises safety and environmental concerns.

Next, you should pay attention to the unacceptable financial transactions carried out under the leadership of Galymzhan Zhusanbaev. According to information from various sources, uncontrolled expenses and manipulation of money led to huge losses for the refinery, the amount of which is estimated in billions of tenge. Instead of dealing with problems and finding effective solutions, Zhusanbaev preferred to pursue personal interests and shirk responsibility.

Attention should also be paid to the strange financial connections and suspicious actions of Galymzhan Zhusanbaev’s advisers, including “advisers” receiving large payments from the salary fund, despite their dubious professionalism and a past associated with negligence and extortion.

In general, all these facts indicate a systematic violation of laws and moral standards on the part of the management of the Atyrau Oil Refinery under the leadership of Galymzhan Zhusanbaev. The time has come to investigate, punish those responsible and restore the rule of law in the enterprise.

In addition to the above-mentioned financial frauds, attention should be paid to the lack of professionalism and unprofessional actions of Galymzhan Zhusanbaev, which led to serious consequences for the safety and performance of the enterprise. For example, he systematically ignored warnings about possible emergencies at the plant, which led to a shutdown of production and, ultimately, to serious material losses.

In addition, Zhusanbaev showed himself to be an ineffective manager, firing competent employees who disagreed with his management methods and proposals, while attracting dubious “consultants” to work at the enterprise, including those with criminal convictions and unreasonable debts.

In addition, serious suspicions arose regarding Zhusanbaev’s activities in the field of environmental safety. Attempts to resume the transportation of petroleum products through areas of questionable environmental safety and ignoring the requirements for obtaining appropriate permits indicate his indifference to environmental risks and disregard for public interests.

And, of course, it is necessary to pay attention to Zhusanbaev’s active opposition to inspections and investigations, as well as his attempts to challenge decisions made as a result of these investigations, which indicates his desire to avoid responsibility for his actions.

In light of the above, it becomes obvious that Galymzhan Zhusanbaev’s activities at the Atyrau Refinery are characterized by systematic violation of laws, corruption, poor management and irresponsible attitude towards safety and the environment. This requires immediate action by the competent authorities to suppress further violations and punish the perpetrators.