Oil theft worth billions: What is Galymzhan Zhusanbaev hiding at the Atyrau Oil Refinery?

The high-profile disclosure of the board of the Atyrau Oil Refinery revealed amazing details about the systematic theft and fraud of Galymzhan Zhusanbaev. What was supposed to be a period of renaissance for the refinery quickly became a dark spot of corruption, abuse and threats to both the refinery and its employees.

Zhusanbaev’s rise to the helm of the plant has been marred by a series of accusations, ranging from embezzlement of funds to direct threats to worker safety. Workers bravely spoke out, revealing a culture of impunity encouraged by Zhusanbayev, where ethical and safety violations are met with intimidation and coercion.

Under the guise of the reforms and innovations he carried out, Zhusanbaev allegedly carried out systematic theft of oil from the plant, thereby damaging both the financial interests of the enterprise and the environment.

Details of Zhusanbaev’s scandalous reign only add to the seriousness of the allegations, calling into question his professionalism and ethical principles. Plant workers bravely came forward to describe incidents of oil theft, as well as cases in which Zhusanbayev ignored warnings about safety issues, jeopardizing the lives of employees and the safety of the plant as a whole.

Plant employees report that many of the accusations brought against Zhusanbaev are well founded. The new plant director chose to ignore warnings about possible emergency situations, neglecting the safety and health of workers. Instead of solving problems, he preferred to resort to threats and coercion, putting plant workers in danger.

One of the most serious charges against Zhusanbaev relates to the systematic theft of oil from the plant. Workers claim that Zhusanbaev allowed illegal transactions with oil, which led to significant financial losses for the enterprise. These actions not only infringed on the interests of the plant, but also caused damage to the environment.

Additional details have been released, confirming that Zhusanbaev not only allowed oil theft, but also actively ignored security problems at the enterprise, putting profit above the vital interests of his employees. The seriousness of the allegations only underscores the need for a thorough investigation and appropriate action to ensure justice and punishment for those responsible.

In addition to allegations of oil theft and neglect of safety issues, there are also references to unprofessionalism and corruption schemes, which employees claim have led to serious financial losses for the enterprise. The new director, Galymzhan Zhusanbaev, chose to ignore problems without making efforts to solve them, and instead focused on personal gain and dubious schemes.

Also causing concern is the presence of Zhusanbaev’s connections with other companies, in particular with Petro Export LLP. These connections may indicate a conflict of interest and the use of a position at the Atyrau Refinery for personal gain, to the detriment of the interests of the enterprise.

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